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Audrey Waldron
Audrey Waldron


I became a model at 37. After the birth of my third child, I decided that I wasn’t going to struggle anymore. I would change my life. I dove into fitness and nutrition with a passionate self-love. I worked tirelessly on myself, inside and out while fulfilling my obligations to everyone else in my life. Exercise, whether at-home workouts or gym sessions, was showing up for myself. At the age of 37, I was approached about becoming a fitness and swimwear model. This fitness guide is the way to your bikini body. Start with at-home workouts; no equipment needed, just gumption.


I’ve shown you what I can do, now it’s your turn.

The Benefits


Thoughtful & Doable

Our fitness plan is intense, but scaleable. We've crafted every workout with all bikini bodies, sizes, and levels in mind. No prior experience or equipment needed.

Shape & Tone

Even with no equipment needed, the total-body moves in our fitness guide engages your core and key muscle groups to tone and shred towards that summer bikini body.

Assessments & Guidance

Don't go it alone. The gang's all here for you. Bad day boosts, encouragement, and a slap on the butt when you've slayed are all part of our fitness community.












your bikini body awaits

Start the six-week shred before summer's swimwear season begins. Whether you're a gym rat or total newbie, if your bikini body isn't beach-ready, we got you.


at-home workouts
No Equipment Needed

Each week includes a comprehensive fitness guide with three to five at-home workouts with entirely body-weight exercises. There's no equipment needed for these kick-ass, at-home workouts, but weights can be added for additional challenge.

no fuss
simple to follow fitness guide

With this combination of cardio and strength training, you'll shred pounds and tone muscle towards your bikini body.There's no equipment needed and no excuses accepted.Not up for it? Easily scale this fitness guide to your level. You can do it.

Girl! These workouts are insane! But we are loving them! Just finished Week 2, Day 2. I'll let you know once we finish this week up! ”

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